Clinical Trials

Takeda is committed to making information about the clinical research we conduct visible and accessible.
For information about Takeda clinical trials, please visit:

This dedicated clinical trial website serves as a resource for patients, medical professionals,
researchers, and others interested in learning about past and ongoing clinical trials. It provides information about our policies and values as we carry out clinical research and our commitment to integrity and transparency. Additionally, this site provides information about how academic researchers can access patient-level data to permit secondary research through Takeda’s policies for responsible clinical trial data sharing.

By providing access to clinical trial protocol information and summary results, we seek to provide clinical research transparency to spur scientific innovation, improve medical care, and build public trust. 

For information about Shire clinical trials, please visit:

As we are in the process of combining information relating to Shire clinical trials and aligning Takeda and Shire clinical trial approaches, please visit to learn more about Shire clinical research and, if an academic researcher, to request access to clinical trial patient-level data through the Shire legacy data sharing process. 

Click here to access select clinical trial information in Japanese.